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  1. I recorded/programmed the device on my Mac which is nowhere near the TV.
  2. After testing device on a different MythTV system, the issue is not present. On the offending box I moved the keyboard receiver to a rear USB port. The Flirc device is also connected to a rear port but is using a 3ft USB extension cable. The issue disappeared after this rearrangement. Seems their is something fishy with the front USB ports ???
  3. FYI, I pulled the battery from my remote & removed the USB receiver for my keyboard to insure there were no signals and the issue was still present.
  4. When a human body gets near my device while using MythTV the rewind action is triggered. I've also seen it happen by itself when nobody is near it. Remote: Logitech Harmony One Software: Linux MythTV 0.29 O/S: Xubuntu 17.10 Flirc 2.0 with v. 3.9.12 Gui
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