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  1. Well, I noticed in the LIRC doc that it does (via the devinput driver) support IR receivers that emulates keyboards, so from there it was just a matter of getting everything correctly setup... Edit: And by "got this to work" I mean for my use case, i.e. that Kodi is the sole receiver of remote input, regardless of what other app is running in foreground.
  2. I got this to work btw, by setting up X to ignore Flirc "keyboard" input, and then configuring LIRC to use Flirc as a devinput device.
  3. A bit late to this, but I'd like to see this as well. I run kodi on linux, with a plugin to watch netflix. Currently the only way to watch netflix on linux is via the browser (chrome) due to the drm. So the plugin (flix2kodi) handles the login and meta data display etc, and then use a fullscreen chrome to play the videos. Here's the problem: since flirc acts as a keyboard, the browser will (of course) hog all keyboard input when running. That means all the fancy kodi remote key mapping is mostly useless. If the option to use Flirc as a lirc device would exist, this problem would be possible to work around.
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