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  1. Thanks Torq1337. I had to revisit this and noticed the page has possibly moved. Can someone guide me to the updated instructions/page on how to use the flirc ir trasmitter? Thanks in advance?
  2. I have the new Flirc with the IR transmitter and I have been looking for instruction on how to program the IR to control power and volume for my TV, haven’t been able to find anything. Can someone please send me or direct me to a set of instructions I could use? Thx
  3. I wanted to use flirc with a kvm switch, which uses hotkeys for switching. I hear the new flirc allows for macros, so will it work for something like this?
  4. i am trying to get firetv to wake from sleep only when a unique button on the remote is pressed. i am using a single device remote. the goal is to control firetv as well as my htpc with one remote. i have two flirc, one for each device. while the wake functionality works fine for the htpc, it doesnt on fire tv. when i am using the htpc, of course the presses are taking place on the ftv as well and i would like to avoid doing that. is it possible? if so what am i doing wrong, how do i get it to work on the ftv?
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