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    Windows 10 - Flirc Disconnected

    Jason, Thank you for the new version (3.9.9). That has fixed my problem. I was worried since the problems I had with 3.9.8 resulted in a Flirc that was not working at all. All is better now.
  2. WNSmith

    Windows 10 - Flirc Disconnected

    I am having the same problem. Just received my (metal V2.0) Flirc yesterday. I downloaded and installed the GUI today (3.9.8). After the install I plugged in the Flirc to my Windows 10 64bit (1709 build 16299.192) and after in installed the hardware the GUI still says disconnected. I tried uninstalling the Flirc device from Windows and uninstalling the software and reinstalled as administrator and reinstalled the device but still no go. Help.