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  1. Hello, I purchased a first Gen Flirc several years back and have just now got around to using it. I got a new 2017 nVidia Shied TV and plan to use the Flirc with it to control the Shield TV itself + KODI. I have installed the Flirc software and executed the forced upgrade to get the Flirc firmware up to 3.9.0. I have also added a new device in the Harmony Remote software (not My Harmony as I have a Harmony 880 remote that still works great), and selected the KODI preset profile from the Harmony DB. The issue I am having now is with the Flirc software. Maybe I am just and idiot and don't understand how the setup is supposed to work, but I have plugged the Flirc into two different PCs, selected the Nvidia Shield Controller preset and tried to "learn" the buttons. The way I think this works is I select controller, hit "Go" and then press the corresponding button on my harmony remote that I want to map to the highlighted button in the controller profile on-screen in the Flirc software. However, when I point my Harmony remote at the Flirc device, plugged into my PC and press the "up arrow" for example, the button press doesn't register in Flirc app. Is this not how it is supposed to work? Also, does the software automatically save the config to the Flirc as the commands are learned, because I don't see a way to push the config to the FLIRC. Maybe this works totally different than learning commands in the logitech harmony software. Flirc software shows connected status, but when I press buttons on my remote, with it pointed at the Flirc, the software just doesn't recognize it at all. Any suggestions or help is appreciated. Maybe I'm going about the process all wrong.
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