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  1. Thanks but I am not sure what you mean.

    I downloaded the Kodi app onto my FireTV.

    I downloaded the Flirc Fire TV configuration onto my Harmony.

    I plugged the Flirc into the Fire TV.

    But I am limited to the same number of controls on Kodi as all other apps on the Fire TV.

    So, there's no info button, and no context menu, for example. 

    Is it just a limitation of Kodi on Fire TV

  2. I've just got a Fire TV and Flirc to use with my Harmony.

    I downloaded the Flirc/Fire TV device on to the remote, plugged the flirc into the Fire TV and it works great.

    But - there are important commands missing. For example, there's no "info", no "stop", no pop up "context"  menu button.

    Where can I get them from?

  3. Hello there.

    I bought an Amazon Fire Stick a few days ago - it's brand new, so I guess it's the latest generation.

    I want to be able to control it with my Harmony 650 remote. 

    So I read on the Flirc website that you can use a "Micro USB host OTG cable with micro USB power", which you plug into the micro USB port on the Firestick, and then plug in the power and Flirc to the sockets on that cable. 

    So I bought a Flirc and one of those cables...and it doesn't work.  

    The Firestick won't power up. 

    Any suggestions as to why that might be? Have I got the wrong type of cable? Maybe the latest generation Firestick is not compatible?

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