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  1. Thanks for looking at it. :) It's no big deal; I'll use a different remote. However, I think it would be useful to document remotes that don't work to save people wasting time with them.
  2. It's for a Pioneer DV-410V. I tried it with a Pioneer Bluray remote too and it was unreliable with that too. Possibly related - both gave a lot of 'button already exists' errors when programming. I tried a popcorn hour remote and that seems to work a lot better.
  3. I set up by new Flirc today to use a Pioneer DVD remote with Kodi on a Raspberry Pi, including updating the firmware. It did not work; I tried it on a PC and all keypresses seemed to come through as a lower case i. This is the debug. Any ideas? Thu Jan 25 2018 15:05:50 *** Device Disconnected *** *** Device Connected *** <3>ir_finished(63): too many edges <3>ir_finished(63): too many edges <3>ir_finished(63): too many edges <3>ir_finished(63): too many edges <3>ir_finished(63): too many edges <3>ir_finis
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