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  1. I have the same issue after updating the Flirc GUI app to the latest version (v3.22.4).
  2. 1. It's a FLIRC-SE. 2. One For All URC 6440, it's an universal remote, and I've selected a profile for some LG TV that uses all of the keys and doesn't use alternate codes for successive presses. 3. I don't think that it's a new model. 4. it will be done later.
  3. No, there is standard Kodi layout in Flirc and standard key layout in Kodi, nothing special. There should be no long-press actions (e.g., for navigation keys) but they are.
  4. Do you mean that Kodi interprets fast successive key-presses as a long-press action? I don't understand where that long-press action comes from.
  5. I have an issue with Kodi - if there is a fast sequence of press/release actions for a button, Kodi sometimes treats it as a long-press action and does something that I don't need. Can it be a consequence of that new feature?
  6. Is it possible to map a button of a remote control to some unique custom event that EventGhost could handle? I mean an event that will not coincide with other (standard) system events, e.g., it will not be treated as a keyboard key-press or a multimedia control event as it is now.
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