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  1. Hi, I just ordered my first flirc device after using regular, MCE mappings for years to interact with MythTV. I ordered the device because of the flexibility of generating programmable virtual keypress events from remote events. What I want to do is to mimic the onscreen keyboard found in smart TV's, MythTV etc by using remote arrow keys to navigate between the keys of the virtual keyboard and the OK button to trigger a virtual keypress. The whole process should be visible on a popup onscreen keyboard on the TV. Originally, I was hoping that this could be done using one of the ordinary onscreen keyboards in Linux (eg "florence"), but see that these are geared more to mouse or touchscreen events. I'm hoping that with the extra virtualization and flexibility of the flirc approach, that it will be possible to achieve this. As I'm completely new to flirc, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. BR. --Marius--
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