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  1. Feel free to ask and I'll try to help if I can. Maybe we can figure it out together but for the time being as my last post stated I'm still unable to use it with my LG smart TV magic remote and Android properly.
  2. Hello Adb is disabled on the Android box I can connect us keyboard and mouse without any issues When flirc is connected to PC in text editor the buttons seem to work at least the numbers. While in the flirc app in log mode I see character for all clicks even the directional buttons. That being said for some reason when flirc is connected to the Android box the LG remote only works on the tv and does not affect the box. The signals are not going through to the box. I programmed another remote I have with flirc and tested it. It seems to work with the box though. Only the LG remote doesn't affect the box
  3. Happy new year. Any updates?
  4. here it is, thanks my_flirc_config.fcfg
  5. I followed the steps, I stopped receiving the error that button already exists and the programming seems to have went smoothly. However when testing the remote with the android box it;'s not working, every button I press seems to give 55. Attaching config file again. my_flirc_config.txt
  6. Yes I have 2.0 I am attaching logs based on Kodi profile using same LG remote my_flirc_config.txt
  7. Hi, I'm trying to set up flirc that I just bought with my LG smart remote to be able to control kodi on an android box. I keep getting button already exists, and I did the following to trouble shoot, but none helped: 1. Avoided interference, all electronics and lights were off except for a laptop with windows 10 that I was using to install flirc 2. Reinstalled app 3. tried to minimalist and Kodi remotes, none of them worked 4. Disabled reconfigured profiles in the advanced setting as one suggested so far none worked. Any suggestions?
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