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  1. Ah ok, so the guide I found suggested the awake button on the full keyboard mapping config. But there is a streacom edition mapping config too furhter down. It has a power button. You should use this to map the power button to. Now I can both power up and down my computer from this button. NIce!
  2. Hey guys. Ok I use the Flirc streacom edition. I have wired the board like the manual says, I can see it gets power from the USB becasue the little blue led lights up like a Christmas tree. I can start the computer from the power button on the Streacom FC5 Alpha but my Harmony does nothing. I have a harmony One, I have download the config for Flirc Media Player - Flirc Kodi. It has a command called Power off. This command does nothing when the computer is in soft off. When the computer is turned on and Kodi is on it brings up the power off menu inside Kodi. So two questions, how do I get it to power on my computer from S5 (soft off / full shotdown). Second how do I get the poweroff command to shutdown the computer rightaway? I want to let Harmony shutdown both my projector, AVR and media PC. Now it will shotdown the otehr two but Kodi will just display the power down menu