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  1. Now both wake and suspend stopped working... LOL This has been a very frustrating and confusing experience so far, to say the least. I think for now, I'll just turn the HTPC on and off manually... Thinking about trying the SE though.
  2. To the OP, did you ever get this done? How is the Flirc SE working for you? I am fighting the suspend/shutdown issue myself without the SE edition, and I am thinking about going to an SE edition (hardware control, solid state switch). If you want to extend your IR sensor signal, you need to use a shielded cable to do so. Twisting the wires together may work as well, but it will depend on the frequency of the possible interference within the computer box.
  3. I followed the OP and got this working in suspending and waking up my Windows 10 box with Kodi. But during the suspend time, any Harmony hub activity or even without Harmony hub activities, the Kodi box will wake up... I thought by making an xml file as described by the OP, this won't happen. I am running the latest Krypton release of Kodi. Any ideas? Thank you.
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