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    Can't get repeated commands with URC remote

    Unfortunately, no. When you go by code number, it just pulls up command set but not device/manufacturer. And to find it you need to click through every available manufacturer and model. They're not organized or sorted. Sorry.
  2. TVAddict

    Can't get repeated commands with URC remote

    Here you go. This is from URC AUX 001 code set, which was suggested as working in another URC related thread. Thanks for you help, guys. :e:20324 0,8960,4370,598,466,571,467,575,462,576,462,576,462,576,460,576,462,576,462,574,462,573,463,580,455,576,462,576,1574,602,462,575,1570,602,462,576,1574,597,1575,599,460,576,460,575,1574,598,1574,597,462,576,462,575 :e:60 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:97 :e:12481 0,8957,4369,598,466,576,462,575,462,576,462,575,462,576,462,576,462,575,462,602,436,602,436,601,436,576,462,602,1548,597,462,576,1574,602,462,601,1544,601,462,576,462,601,1548,602,1569,597,1574,602,462,575,462,576 :e:60 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96 :e:97 :e:96
  3. TVAddict

    Can't get repeated commands with URC remote

    As you have no doubt suspected, it was only sending repeat command on repeat keypress. It turns out in URC it's a function of code set rather than remote itself. Found a code set that doesn't do it and it works now. Thanks. It would be nice if firmware natively support repeat command but I can see how that could be different for selected code set and isn't easily done on your side. For the record, used AUX 689 if anybody's having same issue.
  4. I have URC remote that's configured to keep sending commands while the button is pressed. I can see signal getting transmitted. And, similar config works with all my other devices - receiver, tivo, etc. It doesn't work for Flirc. I have both, old and new, configured to Nvidia Shield and Fire TV. Both only react one time and not repeating. I've tried 2 different code sets on URC - AUX 001 and, I think, 022. Neither will repeat. Any ideas? BTW, new model doesn't have inter-key delay in firmware.