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    Remove IR-Receiver from FLIRC-SE from PCB

    So it can detect on a 90° angle? Downside of this is that one need to aim then always to one side. If the linked receiver is really compatible, I will go to the shop and ask them what fitting housing they have for it, to get an impression. Might be that the out popping housing also looks a bit weird. Maybe I will take a remote and camera and check their colored acryl plates for transmittance. If I find one, I will just use heat glue to glue the window to the case and the receiver onto the window. This should be transmissive too. In this case I could also just use the FLIRC receiver as well and just solder some wires to it.
  2. Simaryp

    Remove IR-Receiver from FLIRC-SE from PCB

    So you give warranty even to modded devices? Thats kind of cool. I know from the pinholeboards that if one does a bad job and heats the pad too long that they detach. Maybe its worse with PCB. But the board is quite empty around this place so even if the pads get detaches one can use maybe some sandpaper to get a blank contact again. Thanks for mentioning the specific device. The parameters seem indeed pretty identical. Of course wires can be really good antennas. I would maybe use just some isolated cables and twist them or use some paint coated twin pair wires. Of course one hast too make sure that there is nor short. In the past i really liked using heat glue to that purpose. The other product I am considering is the YARD2. There the receiver is mend to be connected by cables. So I hope this should work. Anyway I prefer your device because of the keyboard principle. I am not super sure about the realization yet. My first idea was to glue some IR-transmitting window behind the hole of either the reset or power button. Since I only need one button for this I can make with the IR-receiver better use of this already existing drill hole. The problem is that I don't see a straight forward way to mount the FLIRC-SE directly at this position. There is some construction for the buttons which limits the space. In addition I don't see a straight forward way to make mount points for the board there. Therefore I had the idea of taping or screwing the board to an empty drive bay and use wires. Since I can not really find offers for small amounts of IR window material I had the idea to just use a LED like receiver and put it into a typical LED mount which should fit probably good in the reset button hole. If this works out I don't need to mod the case and have a neat and simple receiver. About the setup question. Is it possible to configure the FLIRC under LibreELEC?
  3. Simaryp

    Remove IR-Receiver from FLIRC-SE from PCB

    Of course I can understand that the warranty will vanish. But in the worst case I loose 30€. But actually desoldering a device is not to risky. I also modded an old Sega Master System in the past. I think soldering on the chips was more risky than this. I found in the catalog of a local electronic shop the following device: http://www.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/175000-199999/184301-da-01-en-IR_RECEIVER_2_7_5_5V_OS_0038N.pdf This link leads to the technical data sheet which is thankfully in english. This is not in a standard 5mm case but still should fit perfectly into the reset button hole of the LianLi case. Would this follow the specification? At least it is a receiver with 38kHz too. But I don't know whether the other specifications will fit the Flirc-SE. By the way: Is the latest Blog entry on your side a challenge to guess the purpose of the rogue one? Wasn't really clear for me. I wrote a comment but it seems it went lost.
  4. Hello, I tried to contact Support, but even with all addons deactivated I get the message I seem not be a human, which hurts a bit ;). So I am ending up here with my questions. I really like the concept of Flirc being an USB Keyboard, which helps avoid messing around with lirc etc. I am planing to set up an HTPC and I am considering using an FLIRC-SE in my LianLi PC-C37. In order to this I would really like to remove the IR-receiver from the board and resolder it again with some wires. By this I would gain huge flexibility to set up a position for it. So first question is: Is the IR-receiver solely hold by solder or is it glued in addition? The latter would make it complicated to detach it. Second question. What is the receiver in general. Is it an IR-diode or an IR-transistor? Is there something one can search for in order to replace it? It would be really nice if one could get an replacement in a typical LED housing. With this one could use typical LED mounts making search for IR-window material avoidable. Best regards, Simaryp PS: Is it possible to configure FLIRC SE under LibreELEC using an CLI?