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  1. great, thanks, looking forward to a solution!
  2. hi @jason were you able to replicate the problem locally?
  3. Thanks Jason! Here is another log, this time generated on my Macbook Pro (same Flirc GUI version), was able to reproduce the same problem. my_flirc_config.txt
  4. Hi New to flirc, trying to program an old MCE remote (VRC-1100 http://kodi.wiki/view/VRC-1100 - worked great with Kodi on a HTPC) to control a Nvidia Shield (since the bluetooth remote is such garbage). I have firmware 4.2.2 installed, I select "Nvidia Shield" from Controllers menu and then click go! and try to pair the buttons. Every time I reach the middle button and I try to associate it with the OK button (between the arrows on the MCE remote) I received the error "button already exists". The same is true for trying to program the remaining buttons. I'm using Flirc GUI 3.1.0. Attached is my log file. Any help appreciated! Peter my_flirc_config.txt