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  1. Thanks yawor - using the FireTV Home button worked :-) I am looking forward to when long-press functionality will be possible with Flirc 2 - then I would assign a normal press for 'Kodi Home' and a long press for 'Android Home'. Using Wake/Suspend from Media Keys also worked for putting the unit into standby, but curiously it would not allow resume from standby. For the Mouse activation, it's not actually a mouse event as such (or perhaps it is, but I don't understand it sufficiently) - it's an I/R function that just makes the mouse pointer appear on screen. After which, you need t
  2. Hi, just got my Flirc today and have setup my remote controller pretty well (the online instructions are very clear!). I'm using it with a Minix U9-H Android media center, primarily using Kodi. There are three buttons I don't know how to assign though: 1) Android Home button (to return me all the way back to Android's Home screen with one press) 2) Android Power button (to bring up standby/shutdown menu - I suspect this menu is controlled by a system app) 3) Mouse button (to activate the on-screen mouse pointer) I have plugged in a regular keyboard and tried all of the keys but n
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