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    Free software?

    Thank you for your time and for understanding my point. As a matter of fact I could sandbox the software programming Flirc and be sure enough. I could even start an Xorg session only for Flirc, although just yesterday or so some nasty bugs about the Linux kernel's USB subsystem came to light, so Xorg is no more my only concern. But maybe I could think something up for that either. However the reason why I got interested in Flirc to begin with (other than the guaranteed Linux support, you know) is the hassle free experience from setting it up, to actually using it. Unfortunately it seems to me that for my use case this could become at least as bothersome as buying a standard IR receiver and configuring lirc. I will think about this, but to be frank I will also keep hoping for a Flirc 3rd gen completely powered by free software. On the Logitech dongle matter: I don't mean to sound offensive, but I always considered that approach an abomination. I'm using Dell standard keyboard and mouse (wired) on my desktop and sometimes a Logitech Bluetooth (profiles power!) mouse on my laptop. Talking about Bluetooth and before you ask, I'm not relying on any BLE device. Yes I'm that cautious. Sorry for the OT.
  2. Shiba

    Free software?

    Greetings, I tried searching the forum but the only discussion I found about this dates back to 2014. Will the firmware and the apps for Flirc ever be released as free software? I plan to use it on my private network, so I'm a bit reluctant about a keyboard-like device running and programmable with proprietary software. Please don't take it personally, you could be Mother Teresa and I'd be cautious the same way.