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  1. The below fixed it for me: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/remote-double-clicks-following-april-2019-update/79538/29
  2. I updated OSMC yesterday which has just rolled out Kodi 18, found the same with my Sky+ remotes - as far as I could tell most buttons worked, apart from Enter! For now, I rolled back to OSMC using Kodi 17, I might stay on that for a while...not sure I can be doing with the hassle of having to reprogram remotes again!
  3. Have just tried a different USB port on the Pi3 - diagonally opposite - saw another post about some potential USB hub conflicts. This *seems* to have fixed it for now, am about to setup another (have another 2) so will see how I go.
  4. Using Mac v3.1.0 - firmware v4.2.2 - in Advanced, there is no inter-key delay? Has it been removed? Am getting key repeats with a Sky HD+ remote (usually the left/right buttons), various post say inter-key delay is the 'key' to resolve but it doesn't seem to exist anymore/in the Mac version? Have tried wiping the configuration, reloading, remapping, still seems to be left/right directions. Also tried 2 different Sky HD+ remotes.
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