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  1. Tried with an LG remote and it works fine with no issues. reprogrammed my universal remote and it's working. Is there any way to get it working with a sony20 remote? Not an issue at the moment now i have it set up with the LG but just thinking forward to future uses. Many thanks for your help
  2. With IR debugging there is nothing that shows up until i press keys on the remote. I tried a couple of times and didn't get the "too many edges" error again. see log1 for where i pressed the directional keys on my remote control 10 times each... up x10, right x10, down x10, left x20...is it returning a different code every time i press the same button? log2 was trying to save the directional keys on the remote to the directional keyboard keys in order up, right, down, left. after saving up, every other save attempt gave a message saying button already exists. I have also attached the working config file for the same remote from my gen1 that works without any issues if that helps? many thanks log1.txt log2.txt my_flirc_config.fcfg
  3. I have been using a 5in1 remote by acoustic research (remote1.jpg) but i tried several other remotes from other devices like a dvd player (remote2.jpg) and i get the same issue. In addition it isn't just the direction keys that are the issue. To test some others out I just tried programming the numbers on the remotes with keyboard letters and the same thing happens where a couple of buttons in it gives me a message saying that the button is assigned, and if i can get it to assign, then when i use a text editor to test the buttons it returns different assignments. This issue doesn't happen with the GEN 1 and all buttons assign correctly and return the correct command once assigned.
  4. Also tried other remotes and other buttons and same issue...also get "<3>ir_finished(55): too many edges" on some of the button assignments.
  5. Just purchased a Gen 2 and it won't work with the same remote as I have working with my Gen 1, more specifically with the directional keys. Keep getting "<3>record_hash(323): hash exists" with different buttons. These buttons register as individual buttons on Gen 1, but not on Gen 2. If i can get the different buttons registered, it sends the wrong command. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's very frustrating, especially as Gen 1 works flawlessly.