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  1. Flirc not working with Raspi when LAN is connected

    OK, I solved the problem - it was neither a wrong power supply nor the extension cable. Problem was that my router (or switch, don't know) didn't realise that the Raspi only supports 100Mbit/s LAN. It was set to 1 Gbit/s. Manually setting the LAN port on the router to 100Mbit/s did the trick, everything works as desired,
  2. Flirc not working with Raspi when LAN is connected

    Sorry, I forgot to mention: I tried that, too.
  3. Title says it all: My Flirc is not working, when the network cable is attached to my Raspberry Pi 3. Disconnect the cable and everything works fine. So far I tryed: - using a differnt Flirc dongle - using a different Raspberry Pi 3 - using a different USB cable - using a different remote control OS on my Raspberry is the latest version of LibreELEC Any ideas on how to fix this problem?