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  1. Here is my setup: I have 2 flircs. The first is a gen2 connected to my HTPC that is controlled with a harmony remote using the Flirc Kodi profile. The second is a 1st gen flirc that is connected to a pc in my basement that serves as a media server. It is also controlled by the same harmony remote, but with a Bluray player profile and the built in profiles are disabled in the advanced settings of the flirc software. I have one button setup that wakes the PC. That's the only thing I need the remote be able to do for that PC is to wake it. The problem I am having is that any button press that is meant for the HTPC wakes up the server in the basement. I'd like the 1st gen flirc to ignore all button presses except for the one I have programmed, so that my media server only wakes up when I specifically tell it to. Right now, it's waking up whenever I use the HTPC. I've tried checking and unchecking sleep detection. With sleep detection enabled, any button press from the harmony with the flirc kodi profile wakes it, even though the built in profiles are disabled. With sleep detection disabled, nothing will wake it, not even the button I have programmed.
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