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  1. Just wanted to send thanks. Assigning the aux device control to a Samsung and then programming the Flirc with that got rid of all my repeated keystrokes in MythTV.
  2. I have an LG TV. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying to, for example, choose the non-TV device button on the Harmony I'm currently using to control Myth, assign that to a Samsung TV and then use that profile to program the virtual keyboard. I'll give it a whirl in a bit. Thanks.
  3. Do you mean what is the 300 set up as on MyHarmony? I have it entered there as an MCE remote. When I used Lirc, it was tweaked to control MythTV,
  4. Oh, thanks for clearing that up. That'll make things easier with Myth. Now if only I can clear up the repeating keys issue, I'll be a happy Flirc-er.
  5. Okay, after going to File-Advanced Settings, I did a screen capture. I'll also upload my config. Some of the button seem to behave but a few like the arrows, really go crazy and send about three commands. I've attached my config in case that's the issue. buster is my htpc. my_flirc_config_for_buster.fcfg
  6. Sorry, I guess the wording in my question was unclear. Say 'Q' sends a skip back command to the myth software. There are two buttons on the remote, a back arrow and a skip back circular arrow that both do the same thing. I might hit one, wife likes using the other. Right now I can't say that both buttons can send the Q.
  7. Ok, so I have a Harmony 300 remote. The MyHarmony software doesn't give me any options to change key repeats/delays for that model. And when I fire up the Flirc software v 3.0.22, the advanced settings don't give me any option there either. So what do I need to do? Thanks.
  8. Just got the Flirc today and setup for my MythTV system using the Full Keyboard was pretty straightforward once I got going. However, a few of my keys (like the arrow keys on my Harmony 300) are sending multiple keypresses like crazy. So it's really hard when I'm in the guide or a menu and it jumps four spots for one button press. I saw a post about going to the advanced settings and changing a delay, but my Flirc (silver) doesn't have that setting. I've attached my config. my_flirc_config_for_buster.fcfg
  9. Just trying to configure the Flirc with my Mythtv system and I'm a little confused as how to assign multiple buttons on my remote to the MythTV keybindings using the Full Keyboard setup. For example, Both the left arrow key and the circular arrow key in Myth are "left" but I can only assign the left arrow key on the flirc setup keyboard to one button. Or am I missing something?
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