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  1. I tried to power off only my TV and my A/V receiver but as soon as I power on them, I lost the image on my Sunrise TV Box UHD. I don't why, my A/V receiver sends a signal to my Sunrise box and my TV despite I deactivated this kind of feature.
  2. Christo976, Dany Schibli, I had some problem with Power On and Power Off the Sunrise TV Box UHD also. I tried to change flirc_util record_api 48 102 by 47 or 49 but it didn't work. In fact, the Sunrise box was powering on but I couldn't get any sound or image. I realised that my A/V receiver (Onkyo TX-NR-535) was bugging the Sunrise Box (especially when powering off). Despite I deactivated all "HDMI through" function of my devices, or even when I activated them, it was still bugging. My configuration was like that: Sunrise TV Box UHD <-HDMI-> Onkyo <-HDMI-> TV
  3. Hello, Thanks for the new file! I tried what you said but I think I made something wrong...
  4. Hi! I thank you very much for sharing your config file! As I don't have an HID keyboard, I cannot add number 0 to 9 in your config file. Could you add those command line functions? I thank you in advance!
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