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  1. Using space for both play and pause has worked pretty well With the wake/suspend, any way to use it without enabling every key to wake the pc? Thanks for your help!
  2. Sorry to spam. but the double issue only seems to affect when the keys are assinged to pause or resume. If I set my rmeote keys to the space bar, it works properly
  3. Setting a key to wake worked! But I'd really like the same key to sleep the PC too when it's on. This not possible?
  4. Thanks for your quick reply! Yes original flirc. So is it not possible to record a sleep key if I set a key to be "wake"? Is the setting to not wake the computer "sleep detection" Also any idea on the double pause issue? Thanks
  5. Hi, I've had my flirc for a while, but I've started to use it again and getting some problems First, is that any key flirc recognises from my Sony TV remote, wakes my PC if it's asleep. This never used to happen. For example I have the pause button linked as pause, if I'm watching netflix on the tv and press pause, it will turn my PC on? This goes for any key, so makes either flirc or my remote unusable if my PC is asleep, so to avoid it being woken all the time I'm having to unplug my flirc Another problem I've had since I got the flirc, is that when trying to pause or resume something, it will press it twice a lot of the time. I.e. resume and then pause immediately and vice versa. I've put the inter-key delay to 7 but it hasn't fixed anything. I'm running 2.5.7 on the latest fw (that I was offered), windows 10, remote is a sony bravia xd8005 remote. Attached is my config Thanks in advance! my_flirc_config.fcfg
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