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  1. Ya, I've already tried mouse keys... and its quite slow and cumbersome. Thanks... guess I'll try FLIRC out and see if I'll keep it. Was hoping to get all the functionality of the original remote with the added features of keyboard keys, but doesn't look like it will work. We shall see. Thanks.
  2. I just want to make sure I got this straight. My understanding is.. Flirc will recognize a certain signal from a remote, and when this signal is received it will press an assigned keyboard key. However, my question is. Say I want to make a certain keyboard key, say the letter L for instance, work as an IR signal instead of the letter L. and when the IR signal is received, FLIRC will send that IR signal to the PC. Sort of like a pass-through. So best way to describe it. My HTPC has IR signals that will move the mouse in a certain direction. So what I want to do, is what I have done with my Harmony. My harmony's direction buttons have been learned to incorporate mouse movement based on the IR signal of the original remote. I want flirc to pass this command to the PC to have it move the mouse as well. I've read that flirc doesn't do mouse movement, but if there is a command from a remote that already does so, I'm wondering if FLIRC can learn that specific command and do the same thing.
  3. What I mean is... if an original remote has a specific command, or IR code, the Harmony has the ability to learn it so you can use it. What I want to do is keep an original command from a remote, its not specifically a keyboard key. So in other words, I'd like Harmony to learn it as it always does, and have flirc relay that command to my HTPC. I'm hoping that makes more sense.
  4. Hi, I've just purchased a Flirc and should be receiving it today. I've tried searching for the answer but couldn't find it. Does Flirc have the ability to learn a remote command (via Harmony) and assign it to a keyboard key, in turn assigning it to the Flirc itself?
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