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  1. Let me ask again! Any idea why the LG TV Remote (not the harmony) turns on the tv AND the htpc if flirc is plugged in ? Yes the flirc has learned the power off command from its flirc and kodi device in myharmony. Isn´t it strange?
  2. How to learn missing commands to the harmony: First you have to create the flirc device and the mce one in myharmony Second Syncronise you harmony with myharmony Navigate to the "student" device in myharmony Create the new key and learn it from the harmony by selecting the other device on the harmony and send the desired key. Hope that helps you
  3. Selecting profiles in the advanced section is very new since it appeared only recently. Excuse me to maybe being more detailed but i want to understand fully the concept and iam sure a lot of other users, too. So that means if i select a profile under the advanced section flirc clears the configuration and loads a keyboard defintion for example matching the kodi layout. OK but what does it to the keys not defined in the kodi layout of flirc? Kodi has some keyboard macros to control lets say full screen in the pvr part (Key H) which is not part of flircs kodi defintion. So thats why i have chosen the Microsoft Keyboard Controller to learn that key to flirc. The Flirc definition inside logitech harmony is a super feature. Only thing here is that it is missing most of the keyboard keys for example H, I, J, K and so on which are in use by kodi or can be used. Learning 50 keys was simply to much.... So thats why i avoided the flirc definition here as well and only learned the power off command from there.
  4. I would like to know how do one gets the default key profile loaded lets say for harmony kodi for example? In the Download section i cannot find sample .cfgs ? Its says somewhere that it gets delivered with mce as default configuration, but as i got mine it doesn´t seem to be that way (flirc 2nd gen). Anyway i would like to understand the concept on this topic instead of learn all the keys by myself which i did. Thanks for all clarification
  5. First thx for your answers. It left me confused, though. So i tested a bit including setting the wake key just to be thorough. Well it didnt help as jason said. But i found out that NOT any key wakes the pc its only the power on/off signal orginated from the flirc profile from the harmony which i copied by the teach/learn functionality to my mce profile. The LG TV remote wakes up the pc !! Seems to be similiar to the flirc´s power on signal. I tried with the power on key of my marantz av receiver. This does nothing with flirc and the pc stays turned off only the av receiver gets activated. I have also upgraded all sticks to the latest firmware and the flirc windows software prior to all configurations. Any ideas what i can do or how long will it take to find a solution?
  6. My question is simple the solution maybe not. My setup consists of a logitech harmony hub and logitech harmony touch remote a J4205-ITX board and a flirc 2nd gen. The problem is that flirc wakes up regardless which remote signal arrives. It does not care if its from the logitech or from the remote of the tv or any other remote or key, it wakes up. Is it possible to stop that behavior? Thanks for all answers in advance
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