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    Flirc with fire tv stick

    Gotcha thanks ! So a cable like https://www.amazon.com/Micro-Cable-Power-Samsung-Player/dp/B00CXAC1ZW should work ? I see review comments by folks saying it works for the Fire TV Stick (with alexa). Would it just plug-n-play or does it need any other work after I have the Flirc connected to the OTG cable to the Fire TV Stick ?
  2. veeram

    Flirc with fire tv stick

    Hi, I just bought a new v2 Flirc and was trying to set it up to work with my harmony 650 to control my fire tv stick. I was unable to find any definitive answer as to whether the Flirc works the Fire TV stick or not. If it is, can someone link me to the correct method to do so? Thanks in advance.