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  1. Have to ask what a deb file is.
  2. msnow

    Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    @jason I use adblink to backup Kodi and other system configs and ADB debug being on is required. I guess I can turn it back on when I'm doing that backup task and then turn in back off. No big deal. While I got your attention (and as I await Amazon's delivery of my new Flirc) I was wondering about a couple of things. I have a Sony Bravia XBR65X930E and the Bravia Sync feature gives me full functionality with the stock Sony remote in the Shield and all the apps. I actually like the remote and Bravia Sync. The three things it doesn't provide is Shield sleep, wake-up or Google voice search within Shield TV. I noticed in one of your blogs that you use another profile (Windows Media Center?) and assign the power button for sleep and I believe the Android home button on the Flirc Shield profile would also provide the wake-up using the home key. My questions are, can I still keep Bravia Sync enabled and how do I assign a key to Google voice search? Unless I missed that I didn't see voice search in your explanation of the Nvidia profile in the manual. Thanks, Mike
  3. msnow

    Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Is that required for 2017 Shield TV Pro as well?