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  1. Nice this work. Is that the reason why the KODI-mapping doesn't work?

    Currently it is not a good solution. The minimal thing should be to warn the user if the current local/region/language/keyboardlayout doesn't fit to the one that the FLIRC-setup-software offers. Also you should insert that toppic in your "help articles".

    The best solution would be if FLIRC-software recognize the current local/region settings and use it correct.

  2. I want to set the buttons + and - with FLIRC using the full-keyboard layout in the FLIRC software.

    I have a geman system using german keyboard with german layout. The FLIRC software shows me a different layout. There I should press "SHIFT + equal". This is not + on my german layout.

  3. I use Kodi 17.3 on a Pi2 with FLIRC2. I setup FLRIC with your software and used the KODI keymap for this. I used each button there.

    But I don't think the map is correct. I check with my editor on the PC what key's does FLIRC produce on some buttons.


    • power button is 'ä' (in KODIS default keymaping it is 'S')
    • volume down is 'ß' (in KODIS default keymaping it is '-')
    • volume up is '´' (in KODIS default keymaping it is '+')

    This are just three of the buttons not working in my KODI.

    Maybe I missunderstand something. Can you help me with that?

    I know I could use the full-keyboard-mapping of the FLIRC software to fix this. But the KODI-mapping should work, too.

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