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  1. I am a programmer. It is possible to check the layout/region settings on each OS and to translate the chars to HID codes. There are libraries and databases for that. Even the OS itself support things like that. The OS (GNU/Linux) can translate for you.
  2. Nice this work. Is that the reason why the KODI-mapping doesn't work? Currently it is not a good solution. The minimal thing should be to warn the user if the current local/region/language/keyboardlayout doesn't fit to the one that the FLIRC-setup-software offers. Also you should insert that toppic in your "help articles". The best solution would be if FLIRC-software recognize the current local/region settings and use it correct.
  3. I want to set the buttons + and - with FLIRC using the full-keyboard layout in the FLIRC software. I have a geman system using german keyboard with german layout. The FLIRC software shows me a different layout. There I should press "SHIFT + equal". This is not + on my german layout.
  4. I use Kodi 17.3 on a Pi2 with FLIRC2. I setup FLRIC with your software and used the KODI keymap for this. I used each button there. But I don't think the map is correct. I check with my editor on the PC what key's does FLIRC produce on some buttons. e.g. power button is 'ä' (in KODIS default keymaping it is 'S') volume down is 'ß' (in KODIS default keymaping it is '-') volume up is '´' (in KODIS default keymaping it is '+') This are just three of the buttons not working in my KODI. Maybe I missunderstand something. Can you help me with that? I know I could use the full-keyboard-mapping of the FLIRC software to fix this. But the KODI-mapping should work, too.
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