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  1. On 2/26/2017 at 8:42 AM, Rotag said:

    I recently bought a flirc v2 to use with my Amazon fire TV and Harmony remote.  The setup went fine and everything worked until the fire TV went to sleep.  After that the flirc would not receive signals from the remote.  The fire TV remote still worked fine.  After a minute or two it seemed like the flirc woke back up and would start working again.  How do I resolve this resume from sleep issue?

    I downloaded the latest version of the GUI on 2/25 and connected my flirc so I believe I have the latest firmware.  What can I do? 

    I was having the same issue when Fire TV went to sleep with Harmony 650 and Flirc. After trying all suggestions I thought it might be my IR repeater, which it was not. I had an old USB hub and thought I'd used it as an USB extension so it a clear line of sight. It has worked flawlessly ever since!!! I'm not sure if the Fire TV keeps the hub awake all the time and makes the Flirc available when needed. All I know is it solved my problem and thought I would share so others could test it out. Let me know if this works for anyone else. 

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