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  1. I have the 650. your software looks different than mine. Perhaps you don't have the latest version? I have on a Windows PC. if you haven't already perhaps uninstall and install the latest version. https://setup.myharmony.com/#200-series If that's not the problem. Then unfortunately I don't think I'd be able to help. good luck. :) I just checked on the logitech site for release notes on updates. 2014 Oct 27. MyHarmony.com and MyHarmony Desktop Software Harmony 600, 650, and 700 users will now be able to customize
  2. ok for those that want to know. I think I finally got it set up correctly. In Logitech MyHarmony Software: 1) I started a new profile (add a remote) 2) Add the device you need (set top box) (Tv) (AV Receiver) (Flirc Media Player = Flirc - Kodi) 3) Activities, set it up how you need it to work with your equipment for me it was Watch TV and Custom - HTPC 4) Activities - Customize this Activity - Flirc Power On should already be there, but it won't turn on the pc from standby. 4a) Add step. Device - Flirc Media Player, Action - Command, Value - Back (you can use anything, it's just triggering a
  3. ok, well thanks for trying. In the flirc full keyboard when I push up it lights up the up arrow green. When I push the page up button it lights up the up arrow green. some how they're bound together in the flirc software. Same goes for the down arrow and page down. As for altering the activity. I did that in the harmony software, buttons. I believe that's what you're referring to? I followed the zen https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us page and did as it says, but it still failed. I gave the menu button the ContextMenu command, and I gave ch + - buttons the page up and page down commands.
  4. Hi yawor, 1) Flirc is the new metal one, and it did a firmware upgrade when first plugging it in. Flirc GUI version 2.3.6+ based on Qt 4.8.0 2) Harmony I used Flirc -> Kodi 3) Keyboard layout us. nothing for variants and keyboard type is pc105 Thanks for any help your can provide :)
  5. I just bought a flirc, so far, I like it except for the few frustration issues I'm running into. I followed the zendesk support and I still am having issues. 1) page up and page down are the same button in flirc full keyboard. In the harmony software I remapped the buttons as it shows, but after I sync it, and then run the flirc software --- ok after many many tries. it for some reason worked this time. aaaaaaaaand now it doesn't work again. tried in both usb 3 and 2. can't seem to get it to work again. 2) the "menu" button on the 650 harmony remote doesn't exist in flirc keyboard. I push
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