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  1. Have we gotten anywhere with PS3 support yet? It's going on almost a year now.
  2. Any updates on PS3 compatibility?
  3. Sorry to hear that...hopefully you can get what he worked on already.
  4. No updates in a while regarding PS3....is this a lost cause?
  5. Hi Jason...any updates for the PS3?
  6. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are getting closer.
  7. Jason is working on it and been giving us updates. I would think one will be coming soon.
  8. Tried some stuff for the PS3 using the PS4 controller in the Flirc software but no luck. Won't turn the PS3 on. Even trying to link the PS Button to turn on wouldn't work. Guess I will need to wait until you work more with the PS3 remote.
  9. My setup Logitech 1100, Shield, Flirc, Sony 4K and Denon will only turn off the Shield when Bravia Sync is turned on but the problem with that is with it on when I switch inputs the TV always switches to the TV speakers. Is there a different way to get the Shield to go into Sleep mode?
  10. So I just recently got a Nvidia Shield and Flirc and set it up with my Harmony 1100 remote I have a 4K Sony and a Denon AVR. At initial setup everything seemed to work fine and I could control the shield properly; however I noticed as I switched inputs the TV would switch from the AVR to the TV speakers and I would constantly have to change it back manually. I discovered by turning Bravia Sync off this would fix this; however the Shield will not turn off now. Is there a way to program the Shield to turn off with the Flirc and my Harmony 1100 remote? Thanks in advance.
  11. Cool...there are several buttons for the PS3 such as "start" and "select" that are not on the PS4 and are very much needed for PS3 users. Thanks again for all you do.
  12. Don't you already have a PS4 controller in your software? I thought you were working on one for the PS3 as that controller is different from the PS4.
  13. Thanks and I was able to get my other Flirc hooked up with my Logitech 1100 and new Nvidia Shield. Works great!
  14. Jason will the PS3 just show up as a new controller in the software when it is finally ready?
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