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  1. Thanks for that, will the rest of the XBMC buttons still work ok.
  2. i am using a Logitech one plus Flirc (XBMC Profile) with my Wetek Play 2 and it all works fine apart from one thing. I have been trying to add a key to change the audio language using KeyMap Editor the but the command for that is "AudioNextLanguage" which does not work. If I use my wireless keyboard and press Control + A then that works fine. is there a way to add that command to the Flirc command list somehow .
  3. Thanks for that, I have ordered a Flirc so I will have a go when it arives
  4. Thanks for that yawor. So does that mean there is a profile for LibreELEC in FLIRC that will drop down as Controller Preset
  5. I would like to use a FLIRC with my Wetek Play 2 running LibreELEC 8.01 and my Logitech Harmony One Should this be possable and how easy will it be to do