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  1. OKAY I FIXED IT This is for the VIA EPIA-M920-16QE The power button headers are Pins 6 and 8 which you can see under section 2.2.6. Front Panel Pin Header http://cdn.viaembedded.com/products/docs/epia-m920/user_manual/UM_EPIA-M920_v2.07_180321.pdf These are listed as 6 PWR_BTN 8 GND From the Flirc SE manual, pg 5, the diagram for the Power SW cable from the Flirc SE to the motherboard does not clearly state that the polarity must be followed through and the motherboard doesn't label it clearly as well http://www.streacom.com/downloads/ug/flirc-se.pdf
  2. James, would you require more information? Thanks,
  3. Hello Jason, I tried the administrator mode but this was the message received: And the GUI works though mapping the power button to the power button on the FLIRC KODI profile leads to the Power button on the remote causing a 'back' or 'previous track' effect instead of bringing up the power down menu. (I understand that the power button in the GUI does not perform the power on/off but I expected it to pull up the menu for Kodi or something)
  4. Hello, well, I'm sure this has been gone on over and over again with various posters so I'll cut to the chase. I've followed the instructions here: And But naturally, pressing that button on my MCE remote does nothing. The other buttons work fine through Kodi as they do for most other people with this problem. For reference I am using a VIA EPIA M920 and the firmware version is already 3.8.0 Any other information needed?
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