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  1. Hi, You pointed me in the right direction, with some additional work , what i want will be possible.! In "accessability options" on the pc, i can stop repeats for eg. 2 seconds. If i now add some visual "OK sign" on the screen, each time somebody voted, they will "stop pressing" the key. The concession i have to make is that voting cannot not be random, but i will call the voters one by one.(max 10) The advantages are bigger than this disadvantage. Thanks, Paul
  2. OK, thanks for this info. I do have the latest FLIRC, and i did try to long-confirm during the learning process. The basic prob lies in the fact that people press a remote key (for the TV eg.) until they see/hear something happening. They don't do that on a keyboard. They type like on a typewriter. One obvious solution on the app side is to make people vote in turn, but then the "anonimity" factor gets a little compromised. (Although i can do without showing the individual result) I will look into this JP1 thing, but that is new to me. Identifying the remote is the surest thing ! thanks, paul
  3. I may be able to handle the short time spans (several people in a short time), but i cannot handle the repeated sending of the same info by somebody who presses a key for a second or two. A normal PC numeric pad does the same thing, but people press it only for a brief moment, probably because they see an immediate response. It may help if i find a remote that physically has "clicking keys", so you know that there is "contact". thx, Paul
  4. Hi, I purchased FLIRC yesterday, installed it, it works ! Maybe what i want to do is impossible, but here it is.. 1. I have flrc usb-attached to a pc with an app that listens to keyboard input. (i used profile "full keyboard") 2. I have a brand new remote from GRUNDIG, it sends the keys from 1 to zero as "D1", "D2",... fantastic! 3.The problem with the every other press does not work, is solved by recording the key twice (found that via forum) 4.BUT, a long key press, fires the same value multiple times: eg. D1, D1, D1...... 5.This is a prob for me: because i did not buy 1 grundig controller, i bought 10 exactly the same. I map #1, and they all work! 6. I developed a kind of voting system, where all 10 users will press a key (1-9), and a score is calculated. Of course i need only one press per user, and with long presses, i often have to many inputs. ?? I do not see how i can resolve this on the app side, because the remotes carry no "ID", that i can use to filter. Any bright ideas? How can i eliminate long clicks? thx, Paul
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