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  1. Oh never mind! The command works! I had the Flirc GUI open at the same time as the command prompt - guess they can't both connect at the same time! So the only issue is why the commands don't stay recorded after reboot...and that I can't get the sleep function to work at all (go to sleep or wake up)...thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks yawor! I received the following error when I tried to execute the above command: [D] lib/libtransport/hid.c hid_send_packet(83): I Error getting version device disconnected, can't run command Odd that it says disconnected, as I can connect through the Flirc GUI just fine. Thoughts? I also noticed the new keys I recorded (Esc, Tab) did not stick after I rebooted the computer.
  3. Okay, so experimenting, I went with the Flirc Kodi profile and also added the Flirc MCE Keyboard as a device, figuring I could assign any key on the keyboard to free keys on the remote. Then I went into the flirc app to assign the keys. I was able to assign the tab and esc buttons (Tab was what I was missing to get the arrow navigation into the Start Menu), but for some reason, no matter what key I try, I can't assign the Windows Start button to anything. It just acts like I didn't press anything when I click the Flirc Windows Start key in the application to try and assign a remote key. Tried erasing the key on the remote, then assigning, but still no dice...what am I missing? Thanks!
  4. Thanks yawor! Considering what you've said, I could just take the keys that Harmony has mapped and go back into the firmware and map those that don't work with the keyboard in the Flirc app, correct? Or would putting in a fake TV remote (like a Samsung or LG) instead and map all the individual Kodi/Windows keys make more sense?
  5. Hi all, I recently purchased a Flirc Gen 2 and have been trying to set it up on a new Windows 10 HTPC with Kodi. I also have another HTPC, a Zbox, that came with a remote and IR receiver, which is my frame of reference. I can currently do the following with the Zbox and a Harmony 650 remote: navigate the start menu in Tablet Mode with the 650put the computer to sleep and wake itnavigate KodiThe Zbox has a profile in the Harmony database (not sure if that matters).My hope was that I could replicate the same functions with the Flirc and my new HTPC. However, I run into the following issues with various Harmony profiles: Microsoft Kodi: can navigate start menu, but missing play, pause, stop, etc. buttons for Kodi. Will not put the computer to sleep or wake it.Flirc Kodi: cannot navigate start menu, but all buttons mapped properly for Kodi and work once Kodi is launched. Cannot sleep or wake the computer either.My other issue is that although the Flirc has perfect line of sight to the remote, yet it is either laggy or won't register a remote press at times. The Flirc itself installed just fine, no driver issues, and the firmware even updated at first boot of the software.Thoughts from those with more experience than I? Should I just be trying to find an RC6 receiver...did I misunderstand the features of the Flirc or how it interfaces with the computer? Thanks for any help!
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