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  1. Hi, I am having the same problem. As of last week Flirc doesn't respond to my Pioneer remote. I tried on 2 Windows 10 computers and 1 iMac and behaves the same. I also tried new batteries. This is on Gen1 USB Flirc. I actually opened one out of the box and updated the firmware (bad idea?) and get the same behavior. It seems to be able to read the button presses when in recording mode but when that is done, pressing any button again doesn't appear to get registered/read/reflected. Not sure what else to do. Thought perhaps it was conflict from a new Windows 10 update but it behaves the same on an iMac and on a second Windows 10 computer w/o updates. Was wondering if I should downgrade to a lower firmware? It's currently running v3.8.0 Thanks.
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