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  1. That doesn't sound fun at all. I'm glad for the response though! In the meantime I've got an inelegant workaround to tide me over. Good luck with all your things man and I hope all of you guys get better soon :P
  2. Unfortunately I'm also experiencing this same issue, which is making it impossible for me to wake my PC from sleep. The frustrating thing is that this worked for me initially, and I was able to wake my PC every time. After messing with some settings on my Harmony for an hour or so it just suddenly stopped functioning correctly, and when I force my PC to wake up with my keyboard I can see that FLIRC is taking a few seconds to register as "Connected" in the app, during which time no button-presses from my remote are registered on the computer. Are we getting any closer to a solution? It's literally just this one thing keeping me from loving this device :/ edit: I should add that I pretty much tried everything I could think of. Uninstalled everything, deleted files, deleted my Harmony profile, re-installed, turned on "Allow this device to wake my PC" even though I didn't need it initially, tried different USB ports, assigned a "Wake" button even though I didn't need it initially either, etc. Oh, and I'm on Windows 10, by the way.
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