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  1. Hi all, New to Flirc. I understand how to program flirc with kodi and all of the other per-programmed devices found in Flirc's GUI. However, this is my situation. I recently switched cable providers from Verizon TO Charter cable. I love using my Verizon remote (because Im stuck in my ways :) ) and would hate to switch over to the new Charter remote given to me when they did the install. The thing is, my verizon remote is able to control 4 devices ( DVD, AUX, TV, and STB) My DVD button is already programmed for KODI, AUX is already programed for my sound bar, and the TV button already controls power to the TV. Since I have a new cable box, this is the last device I have to get programed. Can flirc program my Verizon remote to work with my Charter box? if so, how? attached is my verizon remote that I would like to continue to use. thanks all
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