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  1. Thanks Yawor for the answer! I will try it out and let you know if it worked! Best, Sorka
  2. I mean a guide to bring these two processes together. Which steps are needed to configure mint to wake it up with flirc and what has to be done with the flirc so it fits the mint settings. I tried a lot and didn't manage to make it work. Wake it up with a specific key rather than with a random key would be the desired result. Best regards
  3. Suspend or sleep mode would be fine too. I just haven't found a guide (which actually works!) to set it up. If anyone knows a good guide, plz feel free to link it here! Thanks!
  4. I have the new flirc and the old one. Never heard of the SE edition! What would you do in my situation? Thanks for the response!
  5. Hey guys, I really need some help since I tried endless attemps to set this one thing up and just couldn't do it: power on the htpc. I use Linux Mint on a Intel Nuc (the one without IR) and a Flirc to control Kodi. How do I set it up to power on the Htpc from Power off mode? Is it possible? I tried different step-by-step guides but so far it never worked! Thanks in advance and best regards from Switerland!