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  1. Hi Support, Hardware: RasPi3 with LibreELEC 8.0.0 (newest version), Kodi 17 (newest version), newest Flirc. Remote: old WD Live and brand new XBOX One controller. Booting the RasPi and Kodi takes about 10 seconds. Fine. Problem: When I press a button on the remote, it is not recognized by Flirc. Pressing it repeatedly reveals that I have to wait another 20 seconds before a button press is recognized by Flirc. And then I have to wait another 20 seconds before the next button press is recognized (!). It takes about 45 seconds before all buttons are recognized by Flirc. Then the situation is normal and I can use Kodi with a remote via Flirc. This happens for both remotes, so the remote is not the problem. In the dmesg log of LibreELEC i see that Flirc is recognized very early during the boot process. When I boot up RasPi/Kodi without Flirc, wait a minute and then add Flirc, the response is very similar. At first, buttons are not recognized, then sluggish, and only after 45 seconds Flirc and Remote are fully working. When I insert Flirc into a Mac, Flirc works instantly. A logitech keyboard using logitech wireless dongle on the RasPi/Kodi works instantly. Any Idea what's the cause for the delay? TIA, Herwig
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