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  1. Jepp, change to US QWERTY fixed my problems. Thanks! What button do you use for sleep/standby? Wake works fine but how to program sleep/stand by?
  2. Thx Yawor, I've read about the keyboard language issues in other treads but did not made the connection, will revert to US QWERTY in Win10 later today and will inform you of the outcome.
  3. Hello, there is a strange bug with the volume +/- buttons in Win10 , all works fine under Libreelec 8. Remote is Harmony 350 and V2 Flirc. Standard Flirc/Kodi setup in MyHarmony. When i try to map the volume buttons in Win10 GUI (latest firmware) under Kodi remote both of +/- are responding as volume up, green blink on volume up for both buttons. Win Kodi is also responding in same manner with volume up on both buttons. On same PC I have dualboot with Libreelec and without changing any config the +/- volume buttons works fine in Kodi under LE8. As the fault is clearly visible in latest Flirc GUI i assume it has to with the windows driver. How to proceed? / Freelance
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