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  1. BTSpaniel added a topic in GUI Bugs   

    Flirc v2.3.0 Runs like poop
    When Flirc is not connected, the program freezes every 1 second probably because its constantly checking if Flirc is connected. Can't you just have it search all the usb devices on startup then check only when new ones a plugged in to increase the speed? I was trying to demo to my friends what the software is like but i can't because it runs like it has cancer when the dongle is not plugged in.
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  2. BTSpaniel added a post in a topic Flirc Generic XBOX One Remote Profile for Kodi   

    What i use with my shield
    Order from Top left:
    Back, Home
    Shield Volume Up Down and mute, Kodi Volume Up and Down
    Media Keys

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  3. BTSpaniel added a post in a topic All advanced settings are disabled   

    I Will check and try, give me 24 hours to fully test.
    it seems to have fixed my issues
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  4. BTSpaniel added a post in a topic All advanced settings are disabled   

    Devs should force the new flirc to use the older software until this is fixed. As it is now its pretty much a deal breaker to return this for a full refund. On a positive note at least i can write a bad review till this gets fixed on the new flirc. I cant push any key without it spazzing out and act like im holding down the key infinitely.
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