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  1. Aha: Does this give any idear of that's wrong? Unplugged Flirc while PC is turned on. Plugged Flirc back in again in another USB port, and now everything works again, like yesterday evening. Restart the PC and I get "button already exists." again, when trying to configure a remote. EDIT: And some hours later, after getting it to work by unplug/replug, it stops working again. this is annoying.
  2. Cleared config today to try again, to see if everything still worked. Sadly no. I get "button already exists." again. It was a short joy :( There is no clear pattern what keys are read by Flirc as the same button.
  3. Yes, from the start worked fine. Just moved Flirc from the front to the back of PC. Seems to have made a difference somehow. Now all remote keys gets mapped and working. Will do some more user-testing and get back here.
  4. I'v purchased Flirc February this year (the new metal). I have the same problem with "button already exists." I have tried the following remotes: SONY DVD RMT-D206PSONY DVD RMT-D198PSONY Soundbar RM-ANU191Philips TV 2422 549 02314Samsung TV/Box 00070AWhat is the solution?
  5. I should have read this before i ordered my Flirc. I was going to use the Beolink 1000 og Beo4 remote :( Any chance a firmware upgrade will make them work in the future? Maybe we already are in the futue from the last post made in 2013?
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