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  1. Well, so far so good, everything works except 1 or 2 things. Current one I'm stumped on is that I assigned a button on my remote the key "M". When watching a video, if I click that button it brings up the file list the video was from. But, if I use my Rii keyboard and click "M" the OSD pops up with the menu bar at the bottom for a few functions like downloading subtitles, changing the screen setting, etc... which is what "M" is supposed to do. So a bit stumped on that one... "M" on the remote envokes ??? (haven't figured it out yet) and "M" on a keyboard brings up the correct screen as per the Kodi Wiki keymap page. :S
  2. Excellent... that worked, was able to power off/on. Forced an upgrade for firmware and haven't had the vanishing buttons occur yet, been watching a TV show, shutting down, powering on and testing again, watch a show and repeat to see if anything happens. Few more times and I can swap the drives out. Tested in OpenElec and seems to be working great there as well. :) Remote wise, there are a few buttons on there that EventGhost detected and was able to assign when I used that app, that this doesn't seem to detect at all. But for the most part, using the KODI screen to assign most buttons worked, then switched to KEYBOARD and using the Wiki page for keymapping for Kodi, I just assigned a few of the extra buttons on my remote to letters on the keyboard and I think I have about 90% of what I had before. Which is fine... powering on/off with a remote trumps the missing buttons. :D
  3. I have the Flirc Streacom edition plugged into my media server. Was updating a few things today, small SSD drive and decided to give Ubuntu a try, but, nothing seemed to work... uninstalling LibreOffice fails, updates wouldn't work, couldn't get the Flirc install to work either. Never used Ubuntu/Linux before, but I know how to follow directions... just odd errors and such. Finally gave up, and tried OpenEllec instead. Installed, booted into KODI, no problem, but couldn't figure out how to get to the OS to install Flirc. Figured, if what I read was true, I could just hook up the old drive, boot into Win7x64, install and setup Flirc with that, because from what I read, the chip on the Flirc itself saves the keypress info. But, I'm still having issues. I'm still in Win7. Until it's working perfect with Kodi I don't want to swap the drives around. I setup the remote using Kodi under controllers, and surprised at how many keys that I use daily are missing. I guess I'll have to use full keyboard and in Kodi remap the key functions from there? Main 2 issues though are 1) Every other time I go into Kodi, one or two buttons don't work. I go back to the Flirc setup screen, and most buttons say 'button already exists' but always one or two that aren't setup even though I had them setup and working. It seems that after a restart, or just over time I'm not certain, the Flirc forgets a few buttons. Since not a USB Flirc, I can't fix that easily once I switch drives around if it forgets again. 2) Power off/on doesn't work. I mapped the PWR button on my remote (Sony RM-VZ320) and saved... but when I click the button while the system is on, I get a Windows 'ding' noise. When the system is powered off, there is a (very) bright blue LED on the board that remains on, so getting power, but when I click PWR, nothing happens at all. Case PWR button works fine. Any ideas? I need to get the power on/off working, and make sure that once programmed, Flirc doesn't keep forgetting random buttons.
  4. Ah gotcha... just need to test the onboard and hopefully I get some power. Thanks for the help.
  5. I guess I have 2 questions... 1 - for the motherboard, even if it has power to the USB port, does that mean it can power on with the flirc? Is there a name for that function I should be looking for in the specs? If I can make my old board work, that would be great, but no idea what that feature would be called. 2 - for the power... instead of voiding the warranty on the power supply, is there another option, like buying a cheap molex connector for $0.50 off eBay, connecting that to the PSU and using one of the wires on the adapter? Maybe some sort of male/female 3" extension dongle? Again, if can use the board I have and not void the warranty on the power supply I bought just a few days ago, all I'd need is a new case which would be the ideal solution. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the information. Sadly my current board doesn't work for it, but the board I am looking at for the upgrade does.
  7. Hello... For a while now I've run my media server PC using an external HP Receiver, and has worked great, except the old board and external USB device mean I couldn't turn on my HTPC with my remote. Someone in the KODI forum recommended this, so just starting to gather info. I am looking at an ASRock H110M-ITX board, their support tech said that "Board has USB power (supply 5v) whiel system is off, this function is for charging USB decvices" but also said that they had no idea if it works with a device like this and to contact the manufacturer. Anyone know if the Flirc Streacom will run on this board, in terms of being able to power it on with a Sony RM-VZ320 remote? Also, how do you program the board to know which button is the power on button when pressed? I'm using EventGhost now, when in KODI I have the Power button linked to the Shutdown PC function which will close KODI and shut down the system, but only works once Win7 loads, EventGhost loads and eventually KODI loads. With everything shut down and off, I have no idea how the FLIRC knows what to do. Thanks
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