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  1. Hi,

    I've bought a Shield TV and FLIRC about a week ago, and I've been following this thread since... 

    I've had some mediaplayer devices before, but none like this! Also the FLIRC is great; I used to think it was just another IR receiver, but it's so much more!

    I'm having some problems configuring the FLIRC to work with my Philips Pronto URC.

    Do you mean that keys feel sticky? Do they eventually un stick?

    I also have this problem. Sometimes I can get it to stop, but other times, I had to pull the FLIRC.

    I must say, I'v been messing with the configuration and programming some different profiles combined (Shield/Kodi/Media).

    Is there an easy way to 'wipe' the complete configuration (without erasing every button separately) to start over?  Never mind, I already found this one.


    Was there any button that you were missing that you wanted to use from the controller?


    After getting the basics working, I would sure like to add a discrete Power On/Off (it would be even better if it was possible to put the Shield to sleep from within Kodi)

    Also, the double-tap (Pause/Play) Seems useful. When using the Pause play from the Kodi menu, the menu doesn't disappear automatically, while by using the double-tap, it does.

    Earlier in this thread, there is a list of IR HEX codes for different commands, but from what I understood until now, it doesn't really matter which IR code I use to pair a command? 

    Thanks for any help on these...

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