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  1. Andaho added a post in a topic Problems getting it to work properly - Best device to program One For All remote with?   

    Thanks for the detailed reply! Yes, I am aware how to change the device mode, but very useful info for other readers :)
    It's not a Samsung TV I have, so I will try code 2051... It's very helpful that you know the device code to recommend! :)
    Once I find the time (and the motivation) to reprogram everything (I have 2 identical remotes - one beside the sofa and one by the computer desk) I'll report back to let you know how it goes.
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  2. Andaho added a topic in How To   

    Problems getting it to work properly - Best device to program One For All remote with?
    I use a one for all essence 4 remote, and have problems with getting flirc (v2) to work reliably on my Fire TV (newest gen).
    Sometimes there's a delay after pressing buttons,Holding buttons doesn't repeat - when using kodi and scrolling through lists I have to fiercely tap buttons dozens of times,Even with the newest firmware, buttons sometimes send a double press.When programming the remote with the "Fire TV" profile, the select button doesn't work in kodi when selecting files to play - it brings up some kind of context menu, rather than just playing the file - however, it does navigate through folders and menus ok. (so I program it using full keyboard, using space as pause - but then pause doesn't work in netflix)Lastly and most annoyingly, sometimes the flirc just seems to stop working, and the only way to get it working again is to unplug/replug. - I can sometimes replicate the problem when constantly and quickly pressing buttons to scroll through lists - it's like it gets overloaded with the amount of presses I'm sending, and dies - but at other times, it just dies for no reason - e.g. I'll be watching a marathon of a show, and when an episode finishes, I'll try to select the next episode, and find it's not working.This is the second flirc I have had these problems with - I sent my first flirc back for a replacement because of these issues (bought from The Pi Hut, UK), but the replacement does exactly the same thing - so it's obviously not a faulty unit.
    I'm hoping that most of these problems are to do with the codes I've tried to program the remote with, and could be resolved by programming the remote as a different device? - I've tried a few different codes: 1708 (xbox), 1272 (media centre remote), 0533 (sony dvd), 0490 (panasonic dvd), but none of them fix the problems...

    So, what I'm basically asking is...

    What device remote is the most reliable/stable and most compatible to program my one for all remote as?
    Or even better, which code should I use on my one for all remote?
    NOTE: I've also tried different remotes (Sky+ TV remote, and a Panasonic TV remote), but they had the same problems - so my one for all remote isn't the problem. To be thorough, I use a short USB extension cable on the Fire TV (because it's hidden from view), but pulling my fire tv out from behind the TV, and plugging the flirc in directly makes no difference. (the remote I have)
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  3. Andaho added a post in a topic Button already exist   

    I've also experienced this issue. I first resolved it by plugging flirc into a second PC, and then I was able to program it fine, for a little while... Then it started doing it on that PC too... I then uninstalled and re-installed the flirc software and found it works fine for one full programming.

    The "Button already exists" error returns if I try to re-program or add additional buttons - but it is always fixed by uninstalling/re-installing the software. - Annoying, but it worked.

    So try uninstall/re-install and see if that works for you?
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  4. Andaho added a post in a topic Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV   

    I thought I'd post here rather than start a new thread...
    I got an Amazon FireTV and FLIRC for christmas, but I can't get it working properly with Kodi/Netflix...
    When I set up FLIRC using the FireTV remote template, Netflix works fine, but in Kodi the select button brings up a menu and won't play selected files... So I plugged FLIRC back in to my PC, deleted the "select" button, and remapped it as Enter on the keyboard template... That got the select button working properly, but for some reason the play/pause button gets broken when I do that (in other videos apps too).

    I tried mapping the whole remote on the keyboard template, but there doesn't seem to be a keyboard shortcut for play/pause? (in kodi, the spacebar can be used, but spacebar doesn't work anywhere else on the FireTV).
    Ideally and simply, I want the remote mapped out to do exactly what the FireTV remote does... but in Kodi the select button isn't doing "select" - it brings up a context menu, when the FireTV remote "select" button works as expected. I even tried using the "Keymap Editor" on Kodi - but it doesn't recognise when I press "select" on my IR remote (when flirc is programmed from the fireTV flirc template ).

    Can anyone offer some help? - I assumed using Kodi on the FireTV was quite common, but I don't see anyone else on the forum reporting this issue?
    EDIT: this page says Space should play/pause, but it doesn't do anything in any video apps (I tried Netflix, RedBullTV and BBC iPlayer) apart from Kodi.
    EDIT: On further experimentation, my Logitech K270 keyboard has a few media buttons along the top - the play/pause button works on this... can the flirc not replicate this button?
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