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  1. Between this and WOL Iv got a pretty kick ass system.
  2. RESOLVED. I had to open up my PC disconnect the wires from the SE and reconnect. What ever it was resolved it self and the pc can be switched on from a power power using my harmony remote. Iv mapped two buttons Kodi button one (aspect ratio as I don’t use it) to wake on full keyboard kodi button two (audio language) to power switch for steracom powered off tried button one. It worked powered up the PC Powered down pressed button two pc powered up.
  3. Hey guys, got a FLIRC SE installed. Works great except for wake up command. What iv tried so far. Mapped the button using the GUI (click on the icon, press the button on my harmony remote, button gets recorded fine) Power down hit the button and nothing happens. I have also used this method to record the power button and same issue. flirc_util.exe record power I can wake the PC using a WOL command from an APP. I just cant seem to get it to work with FLIRC. been at it for a few (more then a few hours and its hitting 3am here so need to get some sleep. Would appreciate any help or troubleshooting advice/steps. Thanks.
  4. Fixed this by going into flirc software and clearing all data. Btw using flirc_util.exe record powerin command line does not wake the pc from a compelte power off?
  5. Hey guys. Just got myself flirc SE. Where have you been all my adult life! got it all wired up to my motherboard and working. Did a straight forward setup with my new Harmony 950 remote. Put the HTPC in complete power off and when I hit the power button it wakes the pc up. Great! Problem I have, if I point any remote in that direction and hit the power button on the remote it will now turn the PC on. Example. Press the power button on my samsung TV remote to turn TV on also turns on PC. Can we setup Flirc SE to only recognise power on button from a harmony remote? HNY btw.
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