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  1. I'd really like to see this implimented.
  2. I'm still struggling with this. First of all, the instructions you linked to said to "use the keyboard controller." If we're entering the PS Button command there, wouldn't we then need a Harmony profile for the keyboard controller? I tried entering "FLIRC" as the manufacturer and "Full Keyboard" in the device model under the Harmony program, but it didn't recognize that. So I'm not sure how that would work. Second, the instructions for creating the PS button are to use flirc_util record pause To record Prt Sc/SysRq: flirc_util record print_screen In command line, but when I do that, I just get It's really frustrating, because the whole reason I bought a FLIRC was because it was advertised as being compatible with PS3. I can navigate the menus to a limited degree but there's was X/square/triangle/circle buttons, and while that's not a huge deal, not have the PS button is a big problem. Can't turn it on, can't turn it off, can't exit an app. Not what I envisioned when I saw "Playstation 3 compatible."
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